Charlie Hamilton
Change in Management

My name is Charlie Hamilton and I have the privilege of taking over the Space Cover Store from my fellow dealer and long-time friend Joe Volutza. I have known Joe for years and have tremendous respect for him. I plan on continuing Joe's legacy of providing quality items and excellent customer service.

Additionally, I plan to expand the items available on the site in order to better serve existing and new clientele. I will do my utmost to ensure there are quality items available for your collections. I am a member of the APS. USCS, ESPER, MSDA and UPSCS.

I hope you enjoy your browse!


Welcome to the Space Cover Store

I will not be able to process invoices or send items from 19 Apr to 9 May.

We offer historical items pertaining to the USA Space Program.

Astro Chimp Ham

You will find events from the 1950's to present day including Project Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Satellites, Rockets, X-15, Missiles, Balloons, Shuttle, Apollo-Soyuz, Explorer, Pioneer, Discoverer, Mariner, Ranger, Vanguard, Prime Recovery & Recovery ships, First Day Covers and some Worldwide Space events.

If you like Space - - -You'll like us!

Non Space Covers: Please check the newly added categories for covers that may be of interest to you.

All Space Craft Cover numbers listed on this site are by courtesy of: "Space Craft Covers: A Monograph and Catalog by Charles J. Vukotich, Jr., Pittsburg, PA"

Some Featured Items

Stock #: J102619
in Rocket Mail
and Rocket Mail
Trona, CA
EZ#16C4 1948 U.S. ROCKET MAIL RRS Flight
Stock #: J103903
in MA-6 Glenn 02/20/1962
and MA-6 John Glenn

Picture post card of Shepard, Grissom and Glenn signed by John Glenn
Stock #: J104855
in Apollo-Soyuz Stafford/Slayton/Brand
and Covers

8" X 10" NASA color photo of Astronaut Donald K. (Deke) Slayton, one of the original Mercury 7 astronauts. The photo is hand signed and inscribed by Slayton.
Stock #: J105515
in FDC/ Anniversary covers/ Misc
and All

STS-64 NASA color crew photo of STS-64

Some New Additions

(Selected randomly from new stock added.)
Stock #: C000532
in Titan
Cape Canaveral, FL
SCC 205 Titan 3C launch
Stock #: C000555
in Apollo 14 Shepard/Roosa/Mitchell 01/31/1971
Cape Canaveral, FL
SCC 272 Apollo 14 FRA Mauro
Stock #: C000528
in Explorer
and All
Wallops Island, VA
SCC 202 Explorer 37 Launch
Stock #: C000533
Vandenberg, CA
SCC 210 ESSA-7 launch