Charlie Hamilton
Change in Management

My name is Charlie Hamilton and I have the privilege of taking over the Space Cover Store from my fellow dealer and long-time friend Joe Volutza. I have known Joe for years and have tremendous respect for him. I plan on continuing Joe's legacy of providing quality items and excellent customer service.

Additionally, I plan to expand the items available on the site in order to better serve existing and new clientele. I will do my utmost to ensure there are quality items available for your collections. I am a member of the APS. USCS, ESPER, MSDA and UPSCS.

I hope you enjoy your browse!


Welcome to the Space Cover Store

We offer historical items pertaining to the USA Space Program.

Astro Chimp Ham

You will find events from the 1950's to present day including Project Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Satellites, Rockets, X-15, Missiles, Balloons, Shuttle, Apollo-Soyuz, Explorer, Pioneer, Discoverer, Mariner, Ranger, Vanguard, Prime Recovery & Recovery ships, First Day Covers and some Worldwide Space events.

If you like Space - - -You'll like us!

Non Space Covers: Please check the newly added categories for covers that may be of interest to you.

All Space Craft Cover numbers listed on this site are by courtesy of: "Space Craft Covers: A Monograph and Catalog by Charles J. Vukotich, Jr., Pittsburg, PA"

Some Featured Items

Stock #: J102619
in Rocket Mail
and Rocket Mail
Trona, CA
EZ#16C4 1948 U.S. ROCKET MAIL RRS Flight
Stock #: J103903
in MA-6 Glenn 02/20/1962
and MA-6 John Glenn

Picture post card of Shepard, Grissom and Glenn signed by John Glenn
Stock #: J104837
in Misc, NASA officials & Scientists
and Explorer

8" X 10" vintage NASA B/W photo of William H. Pickering, NASA senior luminary and pioneer of USA Space Exploration. The photo is hand signed byPickering.
Stock #: J104855
in Apollo-Soyuz Stafford/Slayton/Brand
and Covers

8" X 10" NASA color photo of Astronaut Donald K. (Deke) Slayton, one of the original Mercury 7 astronauts. The photo is hand signed and inscribed by Slayton.
Stock #: J105515
in FDC/ Anniversary covers/ Misc
and All

STS-64 NASA color crew photo of STS-64

Some New Additions

(Selected randomly from new stock added.)
Stock #: J105537
in FDC/ Anniversary covers/ Misc
and Photos

Black & white NASA photo showing the Apollo space suit & backpack prototype
Stock #: J103006
in 1173 - Echo 1
and 1173 - Echo 1
Washington, DC
1173-17 Echo I FDC
Stock #: J104486
in X-24B
and X-24B
Edwards AFB, CA
X-24B X-24B Research Lifting Body
Stock #: J104031
in Apollo 11 Collins/Armstrong/Aldrin 07/16/1969
and Miscellaneous cachets
Cape Canaveral, FL
M4C2 Man's First Landing on the Moon