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You will find events from the 1950's to present day including Project Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Satellites, Rockets, X-15, Missiles, Balloons, Shuttle, Apollo-Soyuz, Explorer, Pioneer, Discoverer, Mariner, Ranger, Vanguard, Prime Recovery & Recovery ships, First Day Covers and some Worldwide Space events.

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Stock #: J100190
in Comet Covers
and All
Vandenberg AFB, CA
Launch of FR-1 (Joint USA-France) Project
Stock #: J104027
in Scout
Patrick AFB, FL
Launch of Blue Scout 2 rocket
Stock #: J104032
in Covers
and MA-9 Cooper 05/15/1963
New York, NY
New York Goes into Orbit !
Stock #: J104031
in Apollo 11 Collins/Armstrong/Aldrin 07/16/1969
and Miscellaneous cachets
Cape Canaveral, FL
M4C2 Man's First Landing on the Moon