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Stock #: J104831
in X-15 and Misc Experimental planes
and Bell X-1

8" X 10" vintage B/W photo of the Bell XS-1 research rocket plane with USAF pilot Charles (Chuck) Yeager standing in front. The photo is hand signed by Yeager.
Stock #: J104486
in X-15 and Misc Experimental planes
and X-24B
Edwards AFB, CA
X-24B Research Lifting Body
Stock #: J104781
in Apollo-Soyuz Stafford/Slayton/Brand
and Covers
Reykjavik, Iceland
Apollo-Soyuz Astronaut Donald K.( Deke) Slayton signature on a generic Iceland cover
Stock #: J103011
in 1173 - Echo 1
Washington, DC
1173-4 Echo I FDC